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Flight2fart Converter calculates per passenger CO2 equivalent from flights, revealing how much of the polluting gas is produced, in order to draw attention to aviation's odious contribution to climate change.

Calculate the per passenger greenhouse gas emissions you've created from a single flight or from your entire lifetime.

Emissions are estimated based on the distance between the start and end cities with the earth approximated as a sphere. The calculation uses a formula of based on UK Gov CO2e per km figures for aviation and includes high altitude radiative forcing.

With climate change impacting farming, with acidifying oceans and with forest fires and hurricanes on the increase, the burning of fossil fuels is increasing risk and instability in the world. One thing is sure, we need climate justice to breathe easy.


Joe Mobbs


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CO2 usage equivalents based on examples from "How Bad Are Bananas?" by Mike Berners-Lee